No. 21 (1): Zhorzh Borman

Zhorzh Borman Confectionary

21 Nevsky Prospect: Zhorzh Borman (chocolatier)

For many Petersburg residents the building on 21 Nevsky Prospect was associated with the confectionary shop of Zhorzh Borman that specialized in chocolate products. The Zhorzh Borman Company was established in 1862 and had several stores in Petersburg; the main one was on 21 Nevsky, whose large oval show window in the style of art nouveau was designed in 1902. Sergei Gorny, of Satirikon fame, writes in his reminiscences that it is difficult to forget the wrappers of Zhorzh Borman’s chocolates with their golden eagles, received at the 1894 fair in Nizhny Novgorod, and imperial coat of arms, the emblem of purveyors of the court.

The show window in the Bulla photograph from the 1910s features Borman’s products artfully displayed and in great profusion. In the window on the right they surround a bust of Peter the Great. The chocolate products were widely advertised.

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