No. 56 (1): Eliseev

Eliseev Food Emporium56 Nevsky Prospect: Eliseev (gourmet shop)

The Eliseev building, in a flamboyant art nouveau style, was erected on the corner of Nevsky Prospect and Malaia (Little) Sadovaia Street between 1902 and 1903, the same years as the House of Singer on the corner of Nevsky and Catherine Canal. The wealthy merchant Grigorii G. Eliseev, head of the company called “Eliseev Brothers,” bought the corner lot in 1898. The new building designed by G.V. Baranovsky, the company architect, housed the luxurious Eliseev food emporium which sold fine imported and local wines and liquors and a large assortment of coffee, teas, and food and confectionary products. Underneath the building were coolers for storing perishable goods and wine cellars.

Like “Aux Gourmets” at the bottom of Nevsky, Eliseev’s was a colonial store – only larger and longer lasting, living on into Soviet time as Gastonom No. 1 and post-Soviet time, when it was renamed Eliseev. The Eliseev Brothers had five shops in Petersburg, 29 warehouses, and vodka and confectionary factories before the war.

Baranovsky, who incorporated some parts of the older building into the new one, made it look as if it were one giant shop window. More than one half of the façade on Nevsky consisted of a single arch and plate glass, parts of which were stained glass. At the corners of the building were four allegorical sculptures of Industry, Trade and Commerce (figured as Mercury), Art, and Science by A.G. Adamson, also the sculptor of the bronze statues on the House of Singer.

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