"The Apartment House of I.I. Dernov"

Apartment House of I.I. Dernov Public Reading Hall Znamensky's School of Dance Ivanov Apartment Dernov Apartment Main Entrance

Tavricheskaia 25 consists of spaces of different types and function.

The ground floor was a commercial space, housing a meat shop, owned by a certain Nikolay Pavlovich Vinogradov. This made Viacheslav Ivanov joke that their house is a "Tower on Blood" (Bashnia na krovi), a reference to St. Petersburg's Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood (Spas na krovi). In 1907 this church was finally opened on the site of the assassination of Emperor Alexander II, after 24 years of construction.

The main entrance to the building was from the side of Tavricheskaya. On the second floor was the extravagant apartment of the building's owner, merchant Ivan Dernov. The rest of the house consisted of more modest apartments. Some of them were used in ways other than strictly residential, especially the round corner rooms, in which were located a public reading hall, the Znamensky School of Dance, and on the 4th floor, in the apartment of Elizaveta Zvantseva, the private School of Painting of Bakst and Dobuzhinsky. According to the address book "All Petersburg" (Ves' Peterburg), two medical doctors also lived at Tavricheskaya 25.

On the top floor the Ivanov family rented originally one and eventually three apartments annexed to each other.

Main Entrance
Dernov Apartment
Zvantseva Apartment
Ivanov Apartment